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Sigma's Space - Phi's phriend Sigma runs this plot of webspace. She fills it with randomness and jollity! Phi especially recommends The Adventures of Mr. Bunny and Darth Vader.
SHADiCATS - Shadicats' site of art, writings, and other creativity.
100% Zap - Website of HÃ¥kan "Zap" Andersson, internet musician, software engineer, F/X artist, programmer, and general crazy guy. Probably one of the few people deserving of his own fan club.
Plants of Lanark County - The definitive annotated checklist (hosted by phispace.net).

TheForce.net Fanfilms Forum - here be description of the general geekiness of TFN, and the specific geekiness of the Fan Films forum.
DVinfo.net - A discussion site for the latest and greatest Un-biased information about the video industry and camcorders.
DVXuser.com - A discussion site about Panasonic camcorders that is tremendously biased in Panasonic's favour, despite being independently run.
Audio-Video Science Forum - A forum for learning about cutting edge TV and audio equipment, or if you're like me and just trying to fix overscan on your CRT, it's good for that too.

Press Enter Productions - Boter's page of films and stuff.
Key Pixel Gathering of Filmers - Key Pixel webspace
Fan Film Directory - Run by kuatengineer.
Unofficial Lightsaber Choreography Competition Archive - Put together by Phi.

Bunny - The Book of Random :: Updated Daily :: much to the amusement of Phi
XKCD - You probably already read this.
Piled higher and Deeper - Spiff never feels like this. Ever.
Zero Punctuation - Video game reviews of the amusing variety.

Ubuntu Linux - The linux distro of Phi's choosing. Reccomended for those that want to give linux a try for the first time.