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Hello! It's Phi! Once upon a time I had a JVC VHS-C camcorder. Its video quality was lousy and its sound quality was even worse. The only good things about it were its size and the fact that I got it free from my cousin. With said camcorder, and a few friends, I made the following movies. Some of them aren't even that bad! At some point I'll get around to recompressing them to a decent data rate.

August Adventure August Adventure
My first movie! Basically some cousins and I were sitting around one sunny August afternoon in 2002 and decided to film something. It was planned out in about twenty minutes (ie, no planning), filmed it in two hours, and I edited it over the next two weeks. Proof that post production is not too late to write a storyline. Really!
August Adventure (4:55, 31 MB)
Two Towers Scene Recreation The Two Towers Scene Recreation
High School film project from 2003. The goal was to recreate at least thirty seconds from a movie. Phi's group chose The Two Towers...thankfully not one of the wide sweeping scenes. It was filmed in the cafeteria (the only room with pillars) and used a wheelchair as a dolly.
The Two Towers Scene Recreation (2:30, 25 MB)
Video Cover
Kiwi Switch Ad Kiwi Switch Ad
Second High School project, make an ad. This was back when the Apple Switch ads were big. I don't claim that this ad makes any sense. At all.
Kiwi Switch Ad (0:30, 3 MB)
Video Cover
The Unexamined Life The Unexamined Life
Final High School film project: make a film in the style of a director. We stretched it to "in the style of James Bond" and tried to figure out how to stuff a chase scene, a fight scene, explosions, a love scene, and maybe even plot, into 8 minutes. Preferably without getting kicked out of school.
The Unexamined Life (8:58, 35 MB)

The Unexamined Reel (bloopers)
When chase scenes, fight scenes, explosions, love scenes, and plot go wrong.
The Unexamined Reel (3:08, 17 MB)
Croquet Duel Croquet Duel
Cousins sometimes take croquet too seriously. This is basically a rotoscoping FX test. It's notable that I have not done any rotoscoping of lightsabers since.
Croquet Duel (0:14, 11 MB)