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Welcome to Spiffy Productions... my (Spiff's) pseudo production company! This is not a real company so much as an excuse to make a fancy logo. I usually attach this logo to video or visual effects projects I attempt, such as the ones below. Note: Videos marked with "" are encoded using QuickTime Sorenson3 or H.264. Videos marked with "" are encoded with Microsoft's Windows Media 9 CODEC.

Star Wars - Eclipse
Sylvia Andreae, Laszlo Kovacs, Justin Monk, Steve White - See SE for full credits
After a Jedi falls to the Dark Side, he decides to responsibly dispose of himself for the safety of the galaxy. The Force channels his fallen Master's spirit to dissuade him.
Eclipse SE Streaming 480p
Read more and download the film on the dedicated Eclipse page.
Force Lightning Test
A simple FX test with the objective of achieving realistic looking "Force" Lightning. While this does not exactly replicate the effect in the Star Wars films, I'm pretty happy with it. I have also made a tutorial page as to how the effect was acheived.
The Test (small) (00:20, 2.8 MB )
The Test (HD) (960x720 00:20, 13.4 MB )
The Tutorial
Laszlo Kovacs Jr., Laszlo M. Kovacs Sr., Steve White, and guest-starring Mike Donkers as "kama fodder"
... stands for "Sequential Unconstrained Minimization Technique". Meant to be a joke, this is essentially a badly translated Japanese martial arts flick. Unfortunately, we weren't careful enough during production and the post-production requirements to get "the look" shown in the one completed shot couldn't be recreated for the whole film. Hopefully the potential is visible in the rough cut. This was also an excuse to play with gore FX.
SUMT - Rough Cut (03:37, 13.7 MB )
SUMT - Teaser (00:17, 1.4 MB )
SUMT - Completed Shot (00:35, 0.5 MB )
After Effects "Wolverine" Test
An attempt to replicate 3D claws in After Effects. Noting that AE isn't a 3D program, I think these came out fairly well... However, this kind of effect couldn't be used effectively for close-ups, or for any real length of time.
Wolverine Test (00:03, 1.0 MB )
Star Wars - The Planet with No Name
Gregory Cron, Steve White - See film for full credits
Produced by Gregory Cron and myself, PwNN is a Star Wars fanfilm that makes no effort whatsoever to be canon. Three Jedi, twelve Sith, all in a day's work. While admittedly low in production values compared to many fanfilms, I think that the inventiveness and style of the film makes it quite watchable.
PwNN - Movie (21:23, 131 MB )
PwNN - Teaser (00:32, 4.3 MB )
PwNN - Trailer (00:42, 14.0 MB )
PwNN - Alternate Ending (00:42, 6.3 MB )
PwNN - Blooper Reel (04:55, 18.4 MB )